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The idea for the Quick Aid family of brands started forming more than 10 years ago when my husband, Sacha, and I were working for another first aid company together.
We noticed many products in the industry seemed to be designed less for ease of use and more to comply with rules and regulations.
As young parents of a growing family, we both felt especially passionate about safety products being useful above all else.
When our own children would fall or get a bad case of road rash, we hated wasting precious time fumbling through the disorganized chaos of random first aid items in our closet, all while our precious child was crying in pain.
The sooner we could apply a bandage, the sooner our baby would be smiling again!
We eventually realized many of you probably felt the same way.
Thus was born the idea for our company Quick Aid and our first brand, ResQue1st.
In 2020, when the Coronavirus pandemic descended upon us all, we wanted to help here too by sourcing only the highest-quality, certified PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) products utilizing our time-tested, FDA-certified manufacturing contacts.

Our story continues to grow with our new, upcoming adventure products brand, Safeton, rolling out in early 2021.

We would love to have you join us in that exciting launch!

Anna Sebban


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