June 2014 – First Aid & Safety specialize in high quality, low cost first aid equipment on Amazon.com. One of their latest products, the Trauma First Aid Kit with QuikClot, has been in high demand. Designed especially for situations where a patient is bleeding severely, this kit has all the items needed to quickly minimize blood loss and stabilize the patient long enough for help to arrive.

With the potential to save people’s lives, First Aid & Safety customers such as Richard Lehman highly recommended this product: “This kit was just as advertised. I had been looking for a First Aid kit for a few weeks and this one attracted my attention because it included the QuikClot bandage. Every other kit I looked at in this price range failed to have anything but regular band aids and some kind of disinfectant/antibiotic ointment; things that you would already have on hand. This kit included something that could actually save a life.”

In addition to the QuikClot advanced clotting sponge, this first aid kit also contains medical tape, sterile gauze pad, gauze bandage, antiseptic wipes and antiseptic gloves. These are all the items needed to safely control bleeding without placing the user or patient at risk of infection. The QuikClot advanced clotting sponge is the only hemostatic agent that the U.S. Department of Defense uses across all branches of the American Armed Forces. Healthcare professionals and law enforcement officers also use the QuikClot. It’s one of the best possible products to use in the event of a severe hemorrhage.

The Trauma First Aid Kit with QuikClot comes in its own protective high-visibility bag. Easy to open and small enough to be portable, the bag also has a locking hook so that it can be conveniently stored in any location desired. Currently the Trauma First Aid Kit with QuikClot is on sale at a discounted price. This offer is only available for a short time and stock is limited. First Aid & Safety hope that people take up this opportunity to purchase a quality kit at low cost.

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  • Tetsuya

    Last year I had a buddy who is a former Navy Corpsman give my Scout troop a 4 hour class on .Gunshot Trauma. All of them hunt and shoot with thier dads and seamdoy soon with each other. This is a must for training!

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