June 2014 – First Aid & Safety are proud retailers of the Trauma First Aid Kit with QuikClot on Amazon.com. Released last year, this first aid product has been popular with customers wanting to be properly prepared for an emergency situation. This kit contains everything needed to safely control bleeding quickly and potentially save a person’s life.

“Serious incidences can happen at any time that put lives at risk and we all should be prepared to act accordingly,” says Ms. Loehwing, spokeswoman for First Aid & Safety. As Ms. Loehwing points out, having a quality first aid kit can make all the difference:

“The QuikClot advanced clotting sponge is one of the best first aid items to have on hand if you’re faced with a situation where someone is bleeding badly. It’s the only hemostatic agent used by all branches of the American Armed Forces; it’s that effective. With this particular kit, you can control bleeding until further help is available. This can be the difference between life and death.”

First Aid & Safety customers like Ed agree with Ms. Loehwing: “Nice kit. Got everything you would need to stop or greatly reduce the bleeding of a serious injury. Would be great for anyone to have on standby.”

The Trauma First Aid Kit with QuikClot comes in a convenient high-visibility kit bag that’s practical, compact and portable. These features appeal to customers like Mr. Gardner: “This good quality packaging. Perfect size for travel, backpack or glove compartment. Nice to have in case it's needed. Recommend for hikes.”

Contained in the first aid kit are antiseptic wipes, antiseptic gloves, medical tape, sterile gauze pad, gauze bandage, and the QuikClot advanced clotting sponge. This is everything needed to safely provide first aid to anyone with a serious injury.

To encourage more people to be equipped to deal with life threatening situations, First Aid & Safety is discounting the price of their Trauma First Aid Kit with QuikClot. This offer is only available for a short time, while stock lasts.

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