June 2014 – Late last year, First Aid & Safety released a new first aid kit on Amazon.com. This is a specialty trauma kit complete with a QuikClot blood clotting bandage that enables users to rapidly stop bleeding and potentially save a life in an emergency situation. This high quality kit has been popular since the product’s inaugural launch. Now First Aid & Safety is offering a limited time discount on all orders.

The First Aid & Safety Trauma First Aid Kit with QuikClot comes with antiseptic gloves, antiseptic wipes, sterile gauze pad, gauze bandage, medical tape, and the QuikClot advanced clotting sponge. These first aid items are conveniently contained within a heavy duty, easy-to-open kit bag with locking hook for secure storage.

Company spokeswoman Ms. Loehwing explains why this particular first aid kit is so valuable: “This is the ideal first aid kit for any situation where a patient has sustained a severe injury and is bleeding. The advanced clotting sponge is the same product used by all branches of the American Armed Forces. It’s actually the only hemostatic agent recommended by the U.S. Department of Defense for severe hemorrhage on the battlefield! It’s a specialty mesh pouch that stops bleeding very quickly and can control bleeding long enough to get to a medical facility or until assistance arrives.”

Ms. Loehwing strongly encourages people to be prepared by having this first aid kit on hand: “You never know when you could be faced with a life and death situation. We all know that motor vehicle accidents, hiking falls, and other incidences can lead to serious injuries. If you have this first aid kit available, you can save a life.” With the current sales event, this is an opportunity to save money on the already low retail price and be properly prepared in the event of an emergency situation.

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  • Amey

    As an Army Medici have to say that the Ashermans chest seal is garbage. It’s great for triianng, but as soon as there is any moisture like blood it will not stick. I recommend the hyphen chest seal. It does not have the flutter valve but sticks much better.

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