June  2014 – First Aid & Safety has released a new CPR mask with its own protective nylon carry case and keychain. Sold in packs of five, this compact CPR Mask Keychain Kit is a portable first aid solution for people that want to be prepared for an emergency situation. The kits are designed to be easily accessible so that it’s possible to react quickly in the event that someone stops breathing. Although only available for a short time, customers are already very impressed with the quality and affordability of this product.

Maritime officer James is full of praise for this 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit: “My co-workers and I took a CPR and AED class about a year ago; at completion we were all given key-chains similar to these. I found these ones on Amazon and I have to say they are better than the ones we had been given by the instructors. They have a much sturdier construction and I’m sure they last much longer. I’m very pleased with my purchase.”

The 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit features the exact same design as those carried by the American Red Cross. As company spokeswoman Ms. Ms. Loehwing explains, this product is high caliber: “Sadly there are plenty of first aid products on the market that are not up to standard. Either they don’t work properly or they place the user and patient at risk. On top of this, they are usually over priced and the customer service is unsatisfactory. We stand by our product 100% and are proud to deliver quality first aid CPR masks at an affordable price.”

The design of this particular mask uses a one-way valve system and a special face shield to protect the user and patient. The small 2” x 2” keychain kit is compact enough to carry in a pocket or bag. With five kits available with each purchase and straightforward instructions, it’s easy to have this first aid device stored away in convenient locations for a fast emergency response. For a short time only, First Aid & Safety is further discounting the 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit, providing customers with extra savings.

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