Recently First Aid & Safety launched a new CPR mask on Amazon.com. Applying the exact same design utilized by the American Red Cross, this 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit is a premium quality product. Compact and portable, these CPR masks are contained within a quality nylon protective pouch and attached to a keychain for added convenience. Much to the delight of First Aid & Safety, already this affordable first aid product is attracting plenty of positive customer reviews from people of all backgrounds.

Not only suitable for the general public, professional law enforcement officers are also recommending the 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit: “As a police officer, I don't have room to carry a full size face mask on my duty belt, these little guys solved that problem. I can fit 5 of them easily in my pants pocket. They unfold quickly, and protect you and the person you are working on. Great investment for anyone who is CPR trained!”

The First Aid & Safety CPR Mask Keychain Kit contains an advanced mask design that will protect both the patient and resuscitator. The breathing barrier has a one-way valve system and the face shield stops mouth-to-mouth contact. These safety systems help to prevent any risk of contamination or infection.

Supplying the CPR Mask Keychain Kit in packs of five can assist to increase the possibility of saving a life, explains First Aid & Safety spokeswoman Ms. Loehwing: “We sell the CPR mask and keychain set in packs of five so that people can store them in multiple places. Most people like to carry the kit in their bag or with their keys, while the other kits can be left at the office, in the car, at home, or any other location desired. You can never be too prepared for an emergency situation.”

The operating instructions are clearly printed on the mask for ease of use and the 2” by 2” kits are small enough to be easily portable. The mask will fit both adults and children. Currently the 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit is on special for a limited time on Amazon.com.

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