June 2014 – Anyone looking for a convenient, portable CPR mask may be interested to learn that First Aid & Safety has recently launched a high quality CPR mask attached to a key chain. Now available on Amazon.com, this 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit is designed to make it much easier to react quickly in an emergency situation. Sold at low cost, First Aid & Safety aim to make this product accessible to everyone.

Company spokeswoman Ms. Loehwing explains the advantages of this product: “Our CPR Mask Keychain is the exact same product carried by the American Red Cross. This means that it’s extremely high quality. We sell the CPR Mask Key Chain Kit in packs of five so that you can store a CPR mask in a variety of locations. Most people will carry the CPR kit on their key chain or in their bag, while leaving one in the car glove compartment and other convenient locations. The compact kit size makes this first aid product very portable and ideal for reacting quickly to an emergency situation.”

Ms. Loehwing also points out the safety aspects of this particular CPR mask: “The design enables people to effectively provide CPR using a quality face shield with a one-way valve system. This breathing barrier means that you are protected from any potential infection or contamination, while still being able to save somebody’s life. This design not only has your safety in mind, but also the safety of the patient.”

Measuring 2” x 2”, these CPR Keychain Kits are ultra-compact. Each mask has essential operating instructions printed onto the semi-transparent shield, allowing the resuscitator to effectively monitor patient color and response. One size fits all, making these kits suitable for treating both adults and children. Currently First Aid & Safety is offering this 5-pack CPR Mask Keychain Kit at a discounted rate, only for a limited time while current stock lasts. This is a good opportunity to make further savings on the already low retail price.

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