Bumps, bruises, bug bites, and skinned knees: all in a day's work for an active kid. But just because little mishaps are common for young children doesn't mean it's okay to be unprepared. Put together a first aid kit especially designed to take care of kids' most common injuries. Doing so will help ensure you're ready to deal with parenting's minor emergencies.

What To Put In Your Parent First-Aid Kit

  1. Bandages and Antibacterial Ointment: A kiss from mom goes a long way towards treating a scraped knee. Bandages and a tube of antibacterial ointment will do the rest. A box of band-aids is good, but a variety of bandages (including butterfly adhesive tapes and a roll of gauze) is even better.
  1. Water Bottle: Use it to clean out wounds on the go. It's also great to have on hand to address dehydration.
  1. Allergy Medication: An over the counter antihistamine (such as Benadryl) will help address bug bites, hives, and allergic reactions. Use tablets if your children are old enough for them, or a liquid version if they're not. If anyone in your family has severe allergies, keep an Epipen in your first aid kit.
  1. Painkillers: Keep a few packets of Tylenol and Ibuprofen in your first aid kit. If your kids are too young to swallow pills, include liquid versions.
  1. Tools: Include a few basic first aid tools in your kit, including scissors, tweezers, and disposable gloves.
  1. Sunblock: Sunburn comes when you least expect it! Keep sunblock in your first aid kit so you always have a supply available on sunny days.
  1. Itch Ointment: Keep your kids comfortable (and reduce the risk of scratching-induced infections) by including hydrocortisone ointment in your first aid kit. Perfect for bug bites, poison ivy, or anything else that makes you itch.
  1. Alcohol Wipes: Individually wrapped alcohol wipes are great for cleaning skin before removing splinters. They're also very useful for sterilizing first aid tools. 
  1. Baby Wipes: Have a pack of baby wipes left over from when your kids were in diapers? Throw it in your first aid kit. They're useful for cleaning skin and wiping noses.
  1. Zip Lock Bags: Zip lock bags are handy for storing anything you'll need later, including knocked-out teeth or bugs you want to identify.

While these ten items are a great place to start, get creative by adding items specific to your family's needs. Prescription medications, snacks, bug spray, and additional tools can all be a welcome addition. Tailor your kit to your kids and you'll be prepared when the unexpected strikes.

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