First Aid Tips for a Safe, Happy Holiday

The holidays can be an unforgettable time of connection and joy. On the other hand, they can also trigger an unforgettable trip to the emergency room. With so much to do and so many people gathered in one place, it's easy for mishaps to occur. Make sure your holiday is safe and happy by taking these first aid tips into consideration.

Five First Aid Tips for a Safe, Happy Holiday

Weed Out Broken Decorations: Holiday decorations are beautiful, but they can also be dangerous. Broken ornaments may have sharp edges that can lead to cuts. Old lights may not meet current safety regulations, increasing the risk of electrocution or fire. Throw away any decorations that seem unsafe.

Treat Sprains Correctly: Decking the halls is all fun and games until someone falls off a ladder. Take proper precautions to ensure you don't take any tumbles. Always use a sturdy step stool or ladder to put up decorations: avoid standing on chairs. If you or someone else does end up with a sprain, remember the acronym RICE: rest, ice, compression, and elevate. Protect yourself from further damage by resting the injured area. Apply an ice pack to address swelling. Consider applying a firm bandage over the ice pack to offer compression. Finally, raise the injured area to reduce swelling further.

Know How To Handle Burns: Extra time in the kitchen can easily translate to singed skin. Reduce your risk of burns by taking your time as you cook. If possible, delegate some tasks to a helper to ensure no one is working too fast to stay safe. In the event you do receive a burn, run cold water over the area for 10 minutes. Cover the burn with a sterile dressing, and use an over-the-counter pain reliever if necessary. If the burn is severe, seek medical attention.

Watch Out for Food Poisoning: When large volumes of food are at hand, food poisoning can be a threat. Be diligent about storing leftovers in a timely manner, and make sure your meat dishes are cooked to a safe temperature before serving. If you or a guest does suffer from food poisoning, stay well hydrated. Seek medical attention if the symptoms become severe.

Keep a First Aid Kit on Hand: Whether it's from carving the turkey or enjoying a little too much eggnog, holiday mishaps are bound to happen. Having a well stocked first aid kit on hand can help treat small problems before they become larger ones. If you already own a kit, check it over before the holidays begin to ensure it's well stocked. If you don't have a kit, obtain one before your guests arrive. Keep it in an easy to access place, and encourage your guests to make use of it should any incidents arise.

We wish you the best this holiday season. Stay safe!

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